Re: [Minutes] 27 Jan 2003 TAG teleconf (httpRange-14, arch doc, IRIEverywhere-27, binaryXML-30, xmlProfiles-29)

Chris Lilley wrote:
> Thus, to get to this desirable goal, then for URIs %ab and %AB and %Ab
> and %aB have to compare the same. This isn't "merely aesthetic' is is
> what IRI needs to build on.

I agree with that, and all the above.

> MD> Currently, Namespaces in XML 1.1 (Candidate Rec) specifies that for
> MD> purposes of namespace equivalence, '%7e', '%7E', and '~' are different
> MD> (see
> Yes. This should change.

This is where this scares me. I don't think I remember reading the source of a 
single XML processing app that compared namespaces using URI rules. All use 
string equality for their tests. Changing that would mean changing a *lot* of apps.

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