Re: DeepLinking-25: Finding updated

while the document [1] is effective where it discusses the "access" side of the issue, it could benefit from more systematic illustrations of uri usage as
"identification". in particular usage which by virtue of proximity to or contributions to "access" offers the opportunity for a more detailed distinction
between the two.

for example, that a uri which appears in a document identifies only, that discursive instances are to be distinguished from instances which appear as attribute
values in language elements which are intended to permit access.
or, on the contrary, that both such forms are identification only and that the transition to controllable acccess "happens" where two identifiers contribute as
request and referer in a transaction.

i don't know how clearly one could delineate transition between the two, but it would help to expose the "identification" side a bit more.


[1] Tim Bray wrote:
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