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>2.  People who click on things are used to getting 
>    back a page or opening a dialog.  Autosubscribing 
>    based on a click seems like a bad idea.  It doesn't 
>    pass the Don't Shock The Monkey test.  It seems like 
>    a better idea not to subscribe, but to open a dialog 
>    with that value with a Subscribe option on it. 

Yes, this is what most implementations will do. That's what my
implementation does. 

>3.  It seems that what you are after is a 
>    control to pass a value to the right application and 
>    the only way to do that via pushing the data is to 
>    push the URI and insist that browsers implement a 
>    new control (actually, a new switch in the 
>    URI processing code that does something surprising), 
>    plus some means to take care of the default behaviors.
>It seems like a lot of hassle to get around a cut and paste 
>operation to push the feed:/ or subscribe:/ or RSS itself to 
>some first class citizen level.

What hassle? In Windows this is fairly straightforward to do from the
developer perspective and requires nothing from the user from an end
user perspective. 

>  And if that exception is made 
>for RSS, why not do it for mailing lists?

If mailing list managers and authors of mail readers what to implement
such a feature I don't see anyone stopping them. 

You will always find something in the last place you look.

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