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/ "Bullard, Claude L (Len)" <> was heard to say:
| 2.  People who click on things are used to getting 
|     back a page or opening a dialog.  Autosubscribing 
|     based on a click seems like a bad idea.  It doesn't 

It would also be a violation of web architecture as GETs are supposed
to be safe :-)

|     pass the Don't Shock The Monkey test.  It seems like 
|     a better idea not to subscribe, but to open a dialog 
|     with that value with a Subscribe option on it.  Otherwise, 
|     accidental clicks cause problems.  And since some 
|     browsers render www.t as a hypertext link control as well, 
|     a guessing game goes on regards defaults.

I would guess that what Tim expects is for the click to bring up his
RSS reader of choice, displaying the content of the RSS file clicked
on, and that the application would provide a "subscribe" button.

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