Comments on "The use of Metadata in URIs"

And now for something completely different...

As noted [1], I'm extremely pleased to see this draft, and am hopeful 
that it will drive some interesting further work. A few comments;

* I agree with the sentiment in the second editorial note; sections two 
and three, while containing interesting information, don't justify 
their length. I would advocate a severe editing down.

* I disagree with the third editorial note's suggestion; there's a lot 
of misunderstanding of the Opacity axiom, and this document should try 
to help disperse it.

  * Regarding the editorial note in section 3.3, AFAIK the vast majority 
of caches won't store representations of URIs who were accessed with 
query strings, period. If they do, the query string would be treated as 

* It may be good to target some of the recommendations of the document 
at agent implementers specifically, and specification authors as well.

More in time.


Received on Monday, 11 August 2003 20:46:19 UTC