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Re: internet media types and encoding

From: Tim Bray <tbray@textuality.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 09:28:13 -0700
Message-ID: <3E9AE19D.8050009@textuality.com>
To: Norman Walsh <Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM>
Cc: www-tag@w3.org

Norman Walsh wrote:

> I think Rick, Chris, Tim, et. al., argue convincingly that the C1
> control characters should be excluded from XML 1.1.


> And do what? Issue a finding that says C1 control characters should be
> excluded from XML 1.1?

I think we're kind of stuck with the C1 chars based on them having been 
allowed in XML 1.0.  What I'm upset with is XML 1.1 letting in the C0 
characters.  They're requiring the use of NCR's, but for the reasons I 
outlined, I still think this is a step backward.
Cheers, Tim Bray
         (ongoing fragmented essay: http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/)
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