RE: Hlink, CSS anyone?

On Sat, 2002-09-28 at 16:54, Didier PH Martin wrote:
> Hi Jeni,
> [Jeni's answer to the css proposal]
> Didier replies:
> Thinking more about it. This would lead to a domino effect. If we want
> to make the XML processing tools aware of this mapping feature, then
> XSLT will have to be updated to include CSS as a processing element.
> Otherwise, XSLT has no clues to know that an element is mapped to an
> xlink characteristic.

No, I don't think that XSLT would need to be updated: XSLT processes
trees but do not define which operations may or may not be done before a
tree reaches it.

Jeni is right (IMO) when she says that a processing model could be
defined and this processing model could add CSS properties to the tree
if needed (pretty much like a SVG DOM consolidates information from XML
and information from CSS).

This kind of operation which can be done by a SAX filter as I have shown
for HLink would be slightly more complex but could be done if CSS was
used. I think that these are implementation details and several orders
of magnitude below the level of complexity of current UAs!

What is more difficult IMO is to define the *right* architecture and
model for the hyperlinks.

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