Re: two failings of XLink


> I don't think I was complaining about anything. I believe I replied
> to Jeni that I didn't think the <object> tag above was a hypertext
> reference and consequently that there was no motivation to express
> it in XLink.

So can you describe more formally what you class as a hypertext
reference as opposed to a URI that is not a hypertext reference?

I guess that I've been assuming that any URI that points to a resource
that should be retrieved/accessed/navigated to (as opposed to one that
is being used as an identifier or as a base URI for example)
represents a hyperlink.

But ruling out things like classids and usemap attributes and so on
would certainly make life a lot simpler for XHTML and other languages,
and support the decision not to use XLink in, for example, XForms to
point to instance/submission URIs.



Jeni Tennison

Received on Friday, 27 September 2002 18:27:14 UTC