Re: Minutes (was Re: TAG Comments on XHTML 2.0 and HLink)

Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> Norm Walsh writes:
>>Ok. I wrote the message and I'm anxious to apologize if its tone was
>>the source of misunderstanding. I suppose I should have written a
>>longer, more carefully crafted note. Ironically, the note was written
>>in some haste because of concern (on the part of several of us) that
>>if our conclusions only showed up in the minutes that it would look
>>like we weren't being up front and our failure to say something
>>explicit would be the source of bad feeling. Sigh.
> Speaking of which, those minutes have not yet surfaced publicly, so far
> as I can find, and there are lots of questions remaining about WHY the
> TAG reached this conclusion.
> We don't even appear to have a "lightly-edited IRC log".

The minutes are currently being reviewed by the TAG. I expect
them to be publicly available (after corrections) early next week.

  - Ian

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