Re: TAG Comments on XHTML 2.0 and HLink

At 11:55 AM 9/27/2002 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

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>/ "Champion, Mike" <> was heard to say:
>| The problem is that there are some people who feel that the process was
>| violated.
>This one bothers me. The TAG was asked to form an opinion about an

I believe he's referring to the multiple process problems that resulted in 
an XLink Rec to begin with, but Mike can certainly clarify.

>  We did so. We talked long and hard and with considerable agony
>about the issue. And (miraculously to me) we reached a position where
>we all agreed.

Clearly, then, there are deliberations that have yet to be made public or 
even member-only, because the only minutes I've seen from this week's 
meeting, have been far from unanimous at all.


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