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How do I use the DOM, XPath, XSLT or XQuery to process the links in an XHTML document based on their XLink attributes if HLink is used? Or is this an uninteresting and unlikely use case from your perspective? 
PS: Does the HTML working group plan to issue a definitive HLink file for use with XHTML 2.0 or are web page authors free to redefine the links in their pages to whatever they feel like in custom HLink documents? The HLink working draft seems to imply the latter although this seems fraught with problems and consistency issues. 

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 Subject: XLink+HLink is one story not two

 Part of the current discussion is that W3C should have one linking story not
 two, so it is either/or between HLink and XLink.
 First of all, that is not necessarily in W3C tradition. It has 2 styling
 stories, 2 schema stories, 3 layout stories, 4 element selection stories.
 But that notwithstanding, I don't think that XLink and HLink *are* different
 stories: HLink was designed to tell the same story. See the abstract for
     "HLink [...] extends XLink use to a wider class of languages than those
     restricted to the syntactic style allowed by XLink."
 The idea is that you can define linking on markup languages using XLink
 concepts, and you could even define XLink itself using HLink. It is not a
 divergence from XLink, but an enrichment (at least that is the intent).
 At the Linking BoF at the first W3C technical plenary in Boston, I made it
 clear that the HTML WG is not opposed to there being an XLink namespace: for
 certain uses it does its job just fine. It is just that we want a completer
 solution that addresses more of the XLink requirements as originally
 formulated. (
 W3C seemed to commit itself to persuing this completer solution, and when it
 didn't happen, we went and started it ourselves.
 Steven Pemberton

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