Re: TAG Comments on XHTML 2.0 and HLink

At 2:32 PM -0400 9/26/02, Ann Navarro wrote:

>You're basing an entire argument of acceptability for our purposes 
>based on an assumption that is unproven. Given that we have 
>representatives from the 3 largest market-share browser vendors on 
>our working group, and we've needed to argue this point and produce 
>HLink, should at least give a hint that insisting on foreknowledge 
>is not going to be acceptable to the WG...since those vendors are 
>present, assume what you will from those design goals.

Currently in HTML, they're not assuming a DTD. They write code that 
knows what to do with an src attribute on an img element or an href 
attribute on an a element. Perhaps, one or more of these members 
could explain why they need or want to change their design for XHTML 
2.0 so they no longer know in advance which attributes contain which 
kinds of links? I can believe there might be a reason, but personally 
I can't think of a good one that makes any sense in a browser 
context. If they have a use case, please let them elucidate it.

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