Re: RDF Concepts and Data Model document


> With apologies in advance for commenting on a narrow point in a thread
> that I probably don't completely grok in the larger sense:
> Experience with compound document systems suggests that we should indeed
> "go slow" in allowing embedded RDF to be interpreted independent of the
> semantics of its container.  My favorite compound document example is a
> fictitious word processor that chooses to keep it's "undo" list
> persistently in the document along with the current text.

Exactly. The idea is that the undo list is said to be in its own "context"
and we might believe/assert the context as a whole, or not. RDF 2 (ahem) is
really really going to need to deal with this since RDF 1.x doesn't.


Received on Tuesday, 24 September 2002 20:49:00 UTC