RE: How to Version XML Applications

Ooh, ooh.  Now that's a fun topic.  Issue: "Should a mechanism other than
namespaces be used for version differentiation?".  FWIW, the area of version
control is of keen interest in the web services community.


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> Norman Walsh wrote:
> > I doubt that there's "one true solution" to this problem, so I'm not
> > inclined to encourage the TAG to get involved.
> What Norm said.  When people say "versioning", they mean all sorts of
> different things, many of them violently mutually incompatible.
> Different WGs are going to have really different versioning
> requirements.
> I also am generally dubious about using namespaces to version, to the
> extent that it might be worth considering an architectural principle
> that this is a bad idea.  -Tim

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