Re: Micropayments and principle 4 (retrieval is safe)

+1 as well to Mark and to the additional example.

Jean-Jacques. wrote:
> If we can't distinguish an access that incurs obligations from one that 
> does not, I fear that no access can be viewed as completely safe.  So, +1 
> to what Mark has written.
> Mark Baker wrote:
>>Tim Bray wrote:
>>Why not?  This is my reading.  I do *not* want to make payments, even 
>>micropayments, as a result of doing a GET, without have done an explicit 
>>prior authorization.
> And even then ...
> I don't want to be charged per GET, period.  If I'm going to be charged
> per-page, it better be via POST, because I may be using a personal proxy
> that does things like invoking GETs on my behalf to keep my cache fresh.
> I think #4 is fine as is, but perhaps an additional example to cover
> the pay-per-page case would be worthwhile?
> MB

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