RE: First public WD of "Architectural Principles of the World Wid e Web"

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> It sounds more like you need a MIME type or HTTP header to indicate that a
> dereferences a concept, rather than a representation.  At least user
> would know what was happening then, and could take more sophisticated

So I think the syntactic device that TBL uses to make this distinction is
the use of the '#' character at the end of namespace names. The UA can then
be programmed with this distinction in mind.

I think this explains why TBL is comfortable with the position that http URI
identify documents and SHOULD/MUST NOT be used to identify real-world
concrete things like particular people or their cars or abstract concepts.
And why he is comfortable to use http URI+fragments to identify such
concrete real-world things and abstract concepts.

In the namespaces case the unadorned URI would identify the document.
URI+nullFragment would identify the namespace.

I'm not saying I agree with Tim's postion, but I think I'm coming close(r)
to understanding it.
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