Re: suggested replacement text "circle or spline"

Chris Lilley wrote:
>   OK, suggested replacement text for the entire second paragraph in
>   the Fragment identifiers section. Its now four short paragraphs, one
>   for each example. In the first three, the fact that something in the
>   content is being pointed to is stressed; the secondary effect on the
>   presentation is then noted, in case people thought that linking
>   directly to the presentation was possible. The fourth paragraph is
>   the last sentence of the existing text, lightly edited to clarify
>   what I think it means. I am not an RDF expert and if I got that part
>   wrong, I am sure someone will correct me.

Chris' replacement text is immensely more precise and thus better.  It 
seems a bit longish, maybe we could get by with three rather than four 
examples but I'd be in favor of using it as a first step -Timm

Received on Sunday, 1 September 2002 12:32:24 UTC