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Re: Enhance XLink: infer xlink:type

From: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@apache.org>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:04:44 -0700
Cc: WWW-Tag <www-tag@w3.org>
To: Ann Navarro <ann@webgeek.com>
Message-Id: <B7521573-DB1A-11D6-9009-000393753936@apache.org>

On Friday, October 4, 2002, at 06:43  PM, Ann Navarro wrote:
> At 03:20 PM 10/4/2002 -0700, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>> That is the only reason why anyone would want an XHTML 2.0 -- because 
>> they
>> can pre-code the DTD and default stylesheet if it is a standard format.
> The *only* reason someone would want an XHTML 2.0 is to be able to hard 
> code semantics?

Yes, because that is the only difference between ad-hoc XML and a
standardized language within XML.  HTML is SGML with a pre-coded DTD
and default stylesheet.  XHTML is XML with a pre-coded DTD and default

> I can't be anything other than flabbergasted at such a suggestion.

Unfortunately, I am not surprised that folks seem to have forgotten the
very basis of the technology that is being defined.  I was flabbergasted
when someone told me that XHTML 2.0 would not be backwards compatible
with HTML, since that is the only reason I use XHTML 1.

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