Re: Let's get some principles nailed down (Tim Bray) writes:

>Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>> >I presume we agree that applications should not attribute 
>> >to the difference between:
>> Most applications will not; some applications may.  It is frequently
>> convenient to ignore that difference.
>Have to think about it some more, but I think it is incorrect and
>dangerous for application behavior to depend on such a difference -
>with the single possible exception of applications of the
>document-editing class. -Tim

I don't know what your criteria for "document-editing class" are, but my
latest project is a context-aware processor for working with XML as
text.  Attribute quoting styles are among the many bits of text
included.  (It's the next-generation of my Gorille work for XML 1.1

I don't expect pure _consumers_ of XML to care about the difference, but
there's lots of machine-editors or processors that might usefully care.

Ruling it out as dangerous seems to me like we've forgotten about how
cool it really is that XML's a text-based format with some room for
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