Commentary on 15 Nov Arch Doc WD

1. In the principles, the distinction between "constraints", 
"practices", and "principles" still needs work.  Perhaps we can move 
simply to "practices" and "principles" - it's really unclear that "Use 
URIs" is really different in its nature from a bunch of things labeled 

2. The principles in 2.2.4 and 2.2.5 are really the same principle.  The 
explanatory text in 2.2.5 is just a rehash of the Moby Dick example.

3. The list in 2.5 seems awfully redundant. I suspect it could be recast 
from a list into a paragraph of carefull-written prose and be just as 

4. 3.3.1 needs to reference the IETF use-of-XML which is now a 
published, stable Best Practice and a damn fine piece of work.

5. I'm highly unconvinced of that seciton 5 needs to exist.  I think the 
3-legged basic structure is very sound and has grown better with the 
recent change to Identificaiton/Representation/Interaction nomenclature. 
  I think we should make a serious effort to take something (for example 
information hiding) and work into this 3-legged structure.


Received on Monday, 18 November 2002 00:23:54 UTC