Re: [charmodReview-17] replacing all URIs with IRIs

At 13:48 02/05/26 -0500, Aaron Swartz wrote:
>re: n-triples supporting character escapes. Yes, my point is that the 
>software lags far behind the specs.

Do you want to say that n-triples are defined the way they
are to make sure lagging software can handle them?

As far as I understand, this is different. The main aim of
n-triples is to be able to check the tests, both by machine
and visually, and this is best done if only ASCII is used,
because then everybody can check the tests, even those that
work with tools that e.g. process UTF-8 but maybe can't
display all of it, or can't in all cases decide whether
a test is successful based on the actual Unicode display.

So it's not an issue of lagging software in general, but
of bootstrapping at a lower level. Similar to using hex
when debugging,...

Regards,   Martin.

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