Re: [charmodReview-17] replacing all URIs with IRIs

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> Are you aware that a number of W3C specifications already support IRIs,
> though not under that name?  Examples are XML, XML Schema, XPointer and
> XLink.  For example, the XML specification states[1]:

Yes, I was going to mention that...

>> break many utilities which have made the assumption that RDF 
>> identifiers
> Which utilities?

All the current RDF tools, I think. I don't think any of them have been 
updated to support normalization or Unicode storage. Certainly all the 
tools I've written don't support it. If you take a look at the RDF 
Validator[1] you'll find that it %-encodes characters like ü, as most of 
the RDF tools I know do.

>> I can understand presenting strings this way for user-display and
>> user-entry but storing them this way and making them the official
>> encoding seems to be going too far. I would think that simply using
>> UTF-8 %-encoding would be fine for these purposes.
> How do you propose to display these strings in a meaningful manner?
> %HH encoding is not invertible, except in the case of ASCII characters.
> This is because the character encoding is not, in general, known.

That is why I said UTF-8. I am fine with requiring a specific character 
encoding to make the process reversible.

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