Re: [WhenToUseGet-7] Re: TAG document: SOAP HTTP GET binding avai lable

Norm Walsh asks me:

>> I think that your comments are consistent both with 
>> Stuart's and with the actions of the TAG to date. 
>> But as I read your note, I can't quite
>> decide if you would agree with my statement or not.

>> Do you believe that the TAG has failed to function 
>> in the manner that you describe, or has not sufficiently 
>> articulated its willingness to help working groups 
>> faced with design tradeoffs related to web
>> architecture?

I have no significant problem with any formal actions taken by the Tag so 
far.  On the contrary, I think the Tag has been very patient in 
encouraging an extended discussion of an important and subtle issue (I.e. 

On the other hand, some rather specific proposals (including mine) have 
been developed under the aegis of the tag list, as opposed to in the 
context of the XMLP group, and some of these have shown up as formal input 
to the Tag's deliberations.  Furthermore, in the weeks of concern over 
this, I haven't seen any formal or semi-formal contact with the XMLP group 
to establish a working partnership, or to signal what I take to be a 
possible problem with the last call path that XMLP is on.  Speaking for 
myself, and not for the WG, I would welcome some increased involvement of 
the XMLP working group in the resolution of these issues.  I think it's 
fine that the Tag list is considering representative solutions insofar as 
they help to elucidate the problem space.  I think that detailed 
development of specific solutions should be done in XMLP, or in 
partnership between the two groups.   Many thanks.

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