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/ was heard to say:
| Stuart Williams writes:
|>> I also think that the TAG should focus on the 
|>> articulation of Web Architecture and arhitectural 
|>> principles. I think we can help WG's like XMLP
|>> in resolving issues of Web Architecture, *but* IMO 
|>> the WG itself must be allowed to own the problem 
|>> and to take responsibility for its resolution.
| +1, I agree completely. 
| IMO, the Tag should be responsible for clarifying architectural 
| principles, and should help workgroups to succeed in producing 
| specifications consistent with that architecture.  First of all, this 
| approach helps to ensure that, over time, everyone doing the work is 
| "bought in" to the overall architecture.  Secondly, it is the individual 
| workgroups that have essential expertise in the particular specifications 
| being developed. 
| For both of those reasons, I strongly urge the Tag to work with the XMLP 
| workgroup to agree on the pertinent Web architecture principles and to 
| explore any tradeoffs involved in various approaches.  I think the XMLP 
| workgroup should be responsible for drafting any SOAP-specific 
| recommendations or notes.  The Tag should be responsible for drafting 
| notes and recommendations having to do with overall Web architecture. Just 
| my opinion, but I do feel quite strongly about it.  Thank you.


I think that your comments are consistent both with Stuart's and with
the actions of the TAG to date. But as I read your note, I can't quite
decide if you would agree with my statement or not.

Do you believe that the TAG has failed to function in the manner that
you describe, or has not sufficiently articulated its willingness to
help working groups faced with design tradeoffs related to web

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