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RE: TAG document: SOAP HTTP GET binding available

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Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 12:28:34 -0400
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Content-location sounds like an intereseting direction to me.  I thinkk 
there are two ways to model this in SOAP:

1)  We could define a SOAP header for use in responses:


The http binding would carry this in the appropriate http header (and also 
probably in the envelope itself, to preserve its order in the infoset.) 

2) we could just make the ContentLocation a property used by the binding, 
and not model it in the envelope at all.


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I like this, it's very simple (you mentioned it before [1]). It's also
possible that the content of a SOAP message may contain URI references
identify resources associated with the operation in hand.


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/2002Apr/0243.html

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> Subject: RE: TAG document: SOAP HTTP GET binding available
> Is it necessary for there to be a HTTP GET "binding"
> to meet the desired state that web accessible results
> be accessible with URIs?
> If you take the "DRAFT Finding" literally:
>   All important resources should be identifiable by URI.
>   Following references in the web is safe; i.e. agents do not
>      incur obligations by following links 
> You could accomplish these principles by advising
> that "results of operations other than GET 
> should have a Content-Location".
> If content-location were supported in SOAP as a result
> header, you would accomplish the objectives to "allow
> the client to make a link to the information about
> the product, bookmark it, or use it with any of the
> many Web technologies... that depend on info being
> URI addressable."
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