Re: boundaries for the Web

On Friday 22 March 2002 12:49 am, David Orchard wrote:
> However, the W3C member organizations and external funding agencies
> (like DARPA) have made it very clear that there are various areas of
> expansion that they are interested in pursuing, that they believe
> are part of the web, and that the development should occur at the
> W3C.  The Ontology Working group has 50 members listed and the Web
> Services Architecture group has about 65 members, to point out 2
> working groups in different areas of expansion that have clear
> interest.

In some, perhaps many cases, it is not clear to me that "The Web" and 
the standards activities participated in under the auspices of the W3C 
are necessarily related. Members use/have used the consortium for it's 
"name" and for it's standards process with no regard to "Web" 

It is always reasonable to define the problem before defining an 
architecture used to solve it. I think Simon is simply asking for a 
clear statement of the problem domain: What *is* the Web? What *is* 
the W3C? What are they trying to achieve?

Though these questions have been answered in the past, it is useful to 
reiterate for the sake of clarity.

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