RE: boundaries for the Web

On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 00:49, David Orchard wrote:
> Interesting points.  I think some people want to put up boundaries because
> things are evolving in ways that they find deeply troubling and misguided,
> and they would like to see some of this evolution conducted in forums other
> than the W3C.

More positively, I think a considerable number of people would like to
see the W3C more sharply focused on technologies which improve the Web
as currently understood.

An incremental approach, working within clearly demarcated lines, seems
more likely to achieve coherent results than a leapfrog approach of
expanding projects with few connections as well as potentially competing
tactics and long-term goals.

Even broadly-drawn lines would establish a tighter focus than is
presently the case.

Simon St.Laurent
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