Re[2]: cost of new/private URI schemes well known? [was: section 1, intro, for review]

On Tuesday, 19 March, 2002, 23:33:58, Steven wrote:

SL> Why not say something is WebTV specific in a standard way that is
SL> still unique?

SL> I have some ideas on how this could be done - ie. "" is
SL> not much diferent from "about:blah", but we could at least identify
SL> "" from "netscape:about"....

SL> Only thoughts, but as i'm working on my own ""
SL> ideas then maybe skewed.

Woohoo, namespaces for URI schemes, and namespaces themselves use URIs,
and fragment identifiers may use namespaces with thus use URIS. All of
that should soon make something that won't fit on the side of a bus,
or a movie trailer....


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