Web boundaries (was RE: section 1, intro, for review)

On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 19:10, David Orchard wrote:
> So I find it not suprising at all that changing one variable (adding
> extensible data interchange models via XML) means a change to a different
> variable (adding different information models to a single information
> model).  Often these changes happen in ways we didn't expect - law of
> unintended consequences.  That's the way architectures and other things
> evolve.
> I'd prefer a web with principles that evolve.  At a deeply personal level,
> that's the primary reason I ran for the TAG.

That's admirable, but at some point it seems like this kind of protocol
work really belongs at the IETF.  We already have a container for XYZ
protocol, and it's called the Internet, not the Web.  

Has the W3C ever sorted out where the boundaries of the Web per se are? 
I'd understood long ago that the W3C was welcome to build on HTTP, but
protocol work below that wasn't really W3C territory. 

There's this really neat stuff called BEEP going on...

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