RE: Potential new issue: PSVI considered harmful

Tim Bray wrote:

> > [Dare Obasanjo] I agree that default values and type 
> information are orthogonal but they both exist in the PSVI 
> because it is the Post Schema Validation Infoset which means it 
> includes everything that can be obtained from validating an XML document. 
> Sigh.  I'm arguing that both value defaulting and type annotation are 
> orthogonal to the process of validation.  Yes, this happens to be 
> produced as a side-effect of validation - but I can imagine doing type 
> annotation in a much more lightweight way than bringing a large complex 
> declarative schema facility to bear.  In fact, why shouldn't I just be 
> able to jam something into the instance or infoset saying "this 
> attribute here is an integer"?

Here's an example where an "infoset" is augmented with type information in absence of DTD, XDR or XML Schema:


Received on Thursday, 13 June 2002 14:12:38 UTC