Re: [uriMediaType-9] Dear IETF ...

Going back through my mail, I noticed that

may have been intended as a direct message to me (since
I and Don Eastlake were on the 'to' list.)

The message is addressed to "Dear IETF...". While Don Eastlake and I
both frequently participate in IETF activities, we are not the "IETF".

Who is the "IETF"? RFC 3233 ("Defining the IETF") points to BCP 9, 10
and 11 as defining the organizations and processes involved in 'the
IETF'; BCP 11 (RFC 2028) "The Organizations Involved in the IETF
Standards Process" notes some of the relationship between IETF and

For what it's worth, I'll add my personal (unofficial) response.
You asked:

> We need to move to get the IANA folks to not only allocate persistent
> HTTP URIs but also have a web server run so that information can be
> found by dereferencing the URIs.

> How can we achieve this?

It is only reasonable to expect an organization ("the IANA folks") to
commit to perform activities ("allocate persistent HTTP URIs" and
"have a web server run") for an indefinite period if it is within
their charter and funding. However, while IANA is chartered to perform
certain registration operations for IETF, the IETF doesn't have the
authority to change the charter of IANA to add the responsibility for
indefinite web site maintenance.

So perhaps "Dear IETF..." isn't the right audience for your request in
any case.


Received on Thursday, 6 June 2002 20:44:12 UTC