Re: off topic (was Re: URIEquivalence-15 and IRIs)

Keith Moore wrote:
>>It would be awfully nice if draft-duerst-iri-xx.txt:
>>(a) were available in HTML so you could print it on a modern printer
>>with correct page breaks
> well, it would be nice if OS vendors would support printing of 
> standard file formats like ASCII.  it's been around since 1964 
> or so, you think they could figure out how to implement it by now.

Well, the assumptions that all text is ASCII, that all pages are 80 
characters wide, and that all pages are 66 lines long have all been 
invalid since 1965 or so.  It's also been known that monospaced fonts 
provide poor legibility for long documents for some centuries.  For the 
purposes of technical documentation, whether to be consumed online or on 
paper, HTML is technically superior on every count.  If someone wishes 
as a matter of choice to adopt a technically inferior delivery medium 
which also provides poor usability, that's their right, but it's gotta 
make you wonder.

> but for the benefit of those with ASCII-impaired operating systems,
> you can get PDF versions of internet-drafts

Thanks, that's helpful.  Er, duerst-iri isn't there, or am I missing 
something?   -Tim

Received on Monday, 3 June 2002 10:55:56 UTC