Re: Issue? Supporting documentation for Issue resolution

At 12:15 PM 30/01/02 -0500, Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
>My plan is that we should draw up a frame work table of contents
>to divide the subject matter in as much as that is possible.
>That can then be, with time, filled out with documents describing the
>essential architectural points in each area, and perhaps with some
>formal models where practical.  These would be W3C Working Drafts.
>At the same time, we can use the framework to hang issues on,
>as a means of grouping them.

Sounds sensible.  Seems to me TimBL is the person best-suited
to producing the first draft of the framework. 

I'm a bit less convinced about making the small-granularity
chunks into WDs, the work of running a bunch of them through
the process seems onerous.  Hence the idea of bunching them up
somehow just for efficiency. -Tim

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