RE: Background information on GET and XForms (was: GET should be encouraged...)

> Wouldnt the following analogy be better for GET requests:
> If you compare GET requests to a SELECT SQL query the body is 
> the WHERE 
> clause, and we need effecient mechanism to transport the WHERE clause.
That may be correct from the point of view of an individual developer, but
it may be a more important requirement to the Web that it be easy to use and
re-use the WHERE clause (hence an opaque URI) than efficiently transport it.

There is real value in maintaining a URI encoding for a GET request even at
the cost of server-side conversion to a syntactically rich query language.
There is also very real value in allowing for richer/structured input for
POST type of operations - but the two alternatives and their relative
strengths need to be very clear to designers.

Received on Monday, 28 January 2002 14:10:12 UTC