Re: Media types

> It would be difficult for such a thing to happen without the IETF, but
> making changes to MIME of any fundamental sort is intensely difficult.
> Despite the work I put into RFC 3023, and the very rough consensus we
> managed to achieve there, I think XML is demonstrating the limitations
> of MIME on a regular basis.

that's a pretty bizarre statement.  perhaps it's truer to say that XML 
is trying to misuse MIME on a regular basis?

or that expecting the MIME content-type to convey the action that 
should be performed by a recipient, rather than a description of 
the content, is a bit of a mis-application of MIME?

the fact that XML picked a means of labelling content that is
incompatible with MIME's content-type is hardly MIME's fault.


Received on Thursday, 17 January 2002 17:36:26 UTC