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> I agree that media types aren't suitable for multi-namespaced 
> documents.
> That's why I'm all for making the transition from media types to
> namespaces with either vanilla "application/xml", or adorned with the
> root namespace.

Does a namespace alone indicate the semantic meaning of an XML document? 
Is it 'enough' of a hint to do useful things?
Or do you need the name of the root element as well?

Would schema+rootElement be a better alternative?
Would that sufficiently identify the 'model' of the message content?
Could XML documents without schema use namespace in place of schema

Is there a more general idea of 'content-model' that might apply to multiple
content-type representations?


Content-Type: application/xml


Content-Type: application/x-java-serialized-object
Content-Model: java:org.apache.sample.user.profile


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