Re[2]: Is 'testability' a useful architectural constraint?

On Monday, January 07, 2002, 5:03:07 PM, Mike wrote:

MR> Chris wrote:
MR> "Thus, testability aids clean architecture."

MR> I actually believe the opposite.

MR> Clean architecture aids testability.  A good architecture need to
MR> address what occurs when it is improperly used as well as when it is
MR> correctly used.  If something is designed with improper/limited criteria
MR> for the error cases, then dealing with these cases will be hard to
MR> implement or even test.

Well I elieve that statement too, which implies that there is a
feedback loop there  - improving architecture improves testability
which improves architecture of other specs that join on to that one.
Sort of like ripples in a pond.


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