Re: Resource discovery: limits of URIs

Thanks for the replies to my initial comment and I'll certainly take a closer look at the Device Independent guidelines work.

I like Mitch's idea of the volatility indicator and wonder how this might be tied into more consistent use of "validity" indicators in document metadata....

I think the heart of my concern is embedded in Roger's reply:

"Many current problems with non-portable or non-persistent URIs could be
attributed to poor server-side design. Perhaps better guidelines are
needed for server developers..." I couldn't agree more!!

I will be taking this issue up in the context of a European Commission supported project (see starting this month that will, inter alia, be looking at the idea of persistent naming conventions for online government and public sector information and - hopefully - web services.

I'll flag up related issues for anyone interested....


Received on Sunday, 6 January 2002 12:33:14 UTC