Re: Is "simplicity" a useful architectural constraint?

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I think simplicity is very important.

Maybe it can be measured in how long it takes to write an app to support 
the protocol or format.

At the moment you can write a basic HTTP server that works with all 
browsers in a day.
HTML renderer is a little more complicated, but if you are happy with 
text, you can also do that as an individual in days of time (a subset of 

What I like to see in a protocol/format is the ability for it to be 
simple and have optional additional complexity, but be backwards 
compatible for both client and server.

HTML attempts to do this, and succeeds if people follow the rules. You 
can have the most advanced javascript application that can still run on 
the simplest of text only browsers.

I don't know, maybe the ability to keep it backwards compatible for 
simple and complex browsers and servers actually adds complexity.

BTW. I love that I can write into my embedded apps a simple web server 
that generates some simple HTML and point any browser at it. It is an 
fantastic feature that must be maintained.


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