Re: Content negotiation issues (was XInclude) (Jeremy Dunck) writes:
>>I believe it's actually derived from frustration with what I see as
>>an unnecessarliy fatalistic error on the part of specification
>>developers, who apparently feel that the relationship between
>>resources and representations should be beyond their control.  In
>>fact, HTTP 1.1 and a variety of other specifications allow that
>>relationship to be part of a conversation, should a developer step up
>>to the plate.
>By this, you mean that UAs supporting a particular specification
>should limit (in the case of HTTP) ACCEPT headers to MIME types
>encompassed by the specification?  Or did I still misunderstand?

Yes, that would be the core of what I'm saying here, though "encompassed
by the specification" might be unnecessarily limiting.  Providing some
kind of access to the ACCEPT headers seems like a good idea generally.

For a completely different take on the same situation, however, see:

I suspect that take fits better with your perspective on the HTML object

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