Re: WebArch Ambiguity about Objects, PLUS Suggested Major Replacement

>> sure, but try to identify something in the universe that *can't* be
>> identified by a URI, nor return a representation on a GET (even if 
>> it's
>> not an http URI).
> You're just playing the object-oriented mind trick on yourself!  Just
> because you can model everything in the universe in your computer
> system, don't think your computer system *is* the universe....

No, Sandro, you are missing the point.  What we know of the universe can
be modeled, and things within it can be identified just as we give
names to the stars, and we can provide representations of those 
things at the instant of time that they are requested.  The difference
between this and your object-oriented design analogy is when the
identifier is bound and what we expect as the result.  Nevertheless,
the identifier still identifies whatever it is the naming authority
intends to identify -- how that indentifier is then used, directly
or indirectly, is a different matter.

The Web is not in my computer, nor can my computer access it directly,
though it has no problems whatsoever accessing representations of
resources that happen to be part of the Web.  Whether that is a mind
trick or not depends on your point of view -- I just know it works.


Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 21:32:41 UTC