Re: how to specify a URL in a Schema?

Jeff Sonstein wrote:
> pardon the interruption...
> I am working on developing a W3C XML Schema
> for the next generation of VRML
> and I am trying to figure out a reasonable way
> to specify that an element or attribute must be a URL...
> any pointers/examples would be greatly appreciated

I believe XML Schema has an AnyURI data type that might do what you 
want.  Speaking pedantically, I note that there is no longer any 
authoritative definition i.e. RFC you can point to to explain what you 
mean when you say "URL".  RFC 2396 is pretty well what there is, and it 
defines URIs, so URIs, not URLs, is what we have to work with going 
forward. -Tim

Received on Friday, 13 December 2002 03:03:34 UTC