Re: what's wrong with using XML Schema/HTML/RDF to document namespaces?

Dan Connolly wrote:
> I invite folks to use this namespace
> name in their documents:
> If you GET that thing, you'll find
> an XML Schema document which allows
> a machine to distinguish a syntactic
> subset of XML documents that are
> consistent with my expectations.
> Why is that not OK?

When I open it in Mozilla, I get a blank screen. When I open it in IE, I 
get a bit of HTML which I am willing to grant, for the purposes of this 
experiment, could be useful information about the namespace.  What is 
the intended effect?

I stand by what I said in and 
I think that it would be helpful if you'd address some of the arguments 
in there.

An XML Schema is highly architecturally unsound because it is (a) by 
default not human readable, (b) presupposes a highly controversial 
choice among several alternatives thus precluding them, (c) suggests 
that schemas are more interesting or useful than other kinds of 
resources, and (d) has no default way to look up other useful things 
that aren't XML schemas.  Bah. -Tim

Received on Tuesday, 10 December 2002 01:46:09 UTC