Summary of TAG activity from 5 Nov 2002 to 3 Dec 2002

Dear www-tag,

This is a summary of the TAG's activity from 5 Nov 2002
(end date of the previous summary [1]) to 3 Dec 2002.

The TAG had three teleconferences and one face-to-face meeting
during this period; summaries of those meetings are linked from
the TAG home page [2].

1) The TAG discussed the following issues in substance:

    URIEquivalence-15   : When are two URI variants considered
    IRIEverywhere-27    : Should W3C specifications start promoting
    xlinkScope-23       : What is the scope of using XLink?

    namespaceDocument-8 : What should a "namespace document" look

    Details about discussions and related actions are available in
    the meeting minutes linked from the TAG's home page. The TAG's
    issues list is available at:

2) The TAG accepted the following issues:

     xmlProfiles-29   : When, whither and how to profile W3C
                        specifications in the XML Family

     binaryXML-30     : Standardize a "binary XML" format?

     metadataInURI-31 : Should metadata (e.g., versioning
                        information) be encoded in URIs?

3) The TAG published the 15 Nov 2002 "Architecture of
    the World Wide Web", the second public draft of
    this document.

    The TAG discussed this draft at the Nov 2002 Advisory
    Committee meeting. The list of changes is available at:

4) Tim Bray began work on a new draft finding "URI Comparison"
    in light of discussions at the TAG's November face-to-face
    meeting on issue URIEquivalence-15. The TAG has not yet
    discussed the draft finding.

    "URI Comparision"

    More information about TAG findings is available at:

5) The TAG presented its work over the past six months
    to the W3C Advisory Committee at the Nov 2002 AC meeting.
    The TAG's next face-to-face meeting will be in February 2003.

6) Upcoming appearances. On 10 Dec 2002, several TAG
    participants will be part of a Town Hall Meeting at
    XML 2002, in Baltimore, MD (USA). More information at:

For co-Chairs Stuart Williams and Tim Berners-Lee,
Ian Jacobs


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