Re: New Issue: Range of URI+fragment dereference function (new issue?)

/ Paul Prescod <> was heard to say:
|> Uh... it said 'circle or spline'; if it meant circle element,
|> it should have said so. 
| Fine. But the XPointer specification says it addresses elements. So the
| architecture document is at odds with the XPointer specification.
|  *

I think we can finesse that point as follows:

  For instance, if the representation is an HTML document, the
  fragment identifier designates a hypertext anchor. If the
  representation is an XML document, the fragment identifier
  designates an element. In the case of a graphics format, a URI
  reference might designate a circle or spline. In the case of RDF, a
  a URI reference can designate anything, be it abstract (e.g., a
  dream) or concrete (e.g., my car). The plain text media type does
  not define semantics for fragment identifiers.

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