Re: Draft TAG Finding: Consistency of Formatting Properties

/ Håkon Wium Lie <> was heard to say:
| It seems, however, that the last part of my message was not discussed
| by the TAG nor acted upon by the editor. The last part contained one

My apologies for letting it fall through the cracks.

|   Having just argued against [2], I also have one specific comment on its
|   wording. I quote:
|     "Furthermore, as XML vocabularies are now being combined in many
|     ways, it is becoming more than merely beneficial, it is becoming
|     imperative that a common set of properties and values be developed."
|   I don't think XML should be mentioned. Using XML to describe
|   presentation is still a controversial issue for some and the above
|   statement opens a different discussion.

But the fact is we have at least four XML vocabularies that are used
by many for presentation: XHTML, SVG, MathML (presentational), and XSL

The thrust of this finding is precisely that the set of formatting
properties and values for use in XML vocabularies should be kept

What do you suggest that the finding say instead of "XML vocabularies"
in the offending paragraph?

| I'm the first to acknowledge that not all issues raised can be
| discussed in all details. The TAG's time is limited and valuable.
| However, since I was the only one to make a public comment (AFAIK) and
| my change proposal was quite specific, I think it's reasoable to
| expect some kind of response.

Yes, mea culpa. And apologies again.

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