RE: 13 Aug Arch Doc available for review

1. RE: Introduction, point (2.)
  change "(e.g., XHTML, PNG, XLink, RDF, SMIL animation)"
  to:    "(e.g., XHTML, CSS, PNG, XLink, RDF, SMIL animation)"

I think it is very important to mention CSS in the Architecture document
and this seems link a good place.

2. RE: 2.2 Model View Controller, The view - presentation

  change "Presentation by decoration"
  to:    "Presentation by decoration (application of CSS to XML as

This makes that phrase consistent with the following phrase which has
its own examples.

Also, the mention of CSS is critical for the terms in the sentence that
follow to make any sense (e.g. "Inheritance of properties" - only
defined in CSS, "Specificity of properties" - only defined in CSS).

3. RE: Non-Normative References

Add a non-normative reference to CSS2 -


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