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> > Thus, putting the RDF in the XHTML header seems the
> > optimal way to go.
> As the author of many, many, RDF-in-XHTML proposals,

Do you have any particular favorites you could point me at.

> I submit
> that this apporach is distasteful because it makes validation
> basically impossible. Furthermore, AFAIK it is XHTML and XHTML
> alone that can decide the meaning of any externally namespaced
> material embedded within it, and so changes may need to be made
> to the XHTML specification. Also, I can see these documents being
> served as text/html, which would raise many issues (such as the
> fact that RDF IDs would be useless according to the MIME type
> draft).
> OTOH, what are namespaces for if not to embed bits of languages
> in other languages? There is also an approach that can help one
> get round the validation problem:-
>    * Remove the parts that you can't validate, using XSLT.
>    * Validate the remainder.
> But the issue of language mixing is long and complicated: how
> would one specify in the document that you have you apply a
> transformation first before you validate it? I assume one would
> use a PI for that: "if you're a validator, remove this junk; if
> not, parse and process this junk!". I smell a hack.

... or maybe just unwarranted optimism about the ease with which XML
vocabularies can be mixed ;-).
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