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> At 8:45 PM -0800 3/31/02, Tim Bray wrote:
> >>I don't know that I believe that all documents on the Web have MIME
> types.
> >
> >Yes they do.  If only application/octet-stream.  If they don't
> >they're not on the web.
> Can you cite the specs that prove that? Maybe it depends on what you 
> mean by "on the web". I can believe this is true for http/https, but 
> I'm not nearly as convinced for all other protocols out there. FTP 
> predates MIME. Do you define "on the web" as "served by http"?
I can't cite specs that prove it, but I can cite practical experience.

Using the LWP (libwww-perl) I just tried the following:

% cat
use LWP::Simple ;
#pun intended :=)
($content_type, @rest) = head ($ARGV[0]) ;
print "$content_type\n" ;

% perl

% perl

% perl

I also tried several other ftp servers and all returned MIME content-type
headers for all successful requests.  Whether they *should* is again,
something that I don't know...


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