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Understand, however, I’m referring to SVGZ files (or SVG in general) that doesn’t go through a web server, so there is no html header involved.  The SVGZ file sits on the file system, and the user double clicks on the file (or selects open with <browser), or drags the SVGZ file into the browser GUI).  That’s the FILE: protocol, as apposed to the HTTP: protocol.

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Hello Thomas,

If your question only refers to web browsers, I have been using compressed SVGZ files for a long time.

Before sending SVGZ file like foo.svgz I send html headers:
 Content-Encoding: gzip
 Content-type: image/svg+xml

And in.htaccess add (appache server case):
 AddEncoding gzip svgz

Stanisl Jesmanowicz
On 10/20/23 01:19, Smailus (US), Thomas O wrote:
In a case of, why way does this now not work?  I’m wondering why now (for some years) none of the main web browser engines (which are the defacto SVG display engines) do not support SVGZ, the compressed SVG format?

Is this a case of not seeing there are indeed use cases they are ignoring, or a case of the developers not being cognizant of the state of SVG usage outside of web server delivered content?

There is a real need for supporting SVGZ from FILE: protocol, as a lot of SVG graphics are stored on file systems and accessed locally without any service or web server involvement.

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